Power System Studies

Panacean has expert team to operate various power system study software such as PSS/E, MiPower, PSCAD, ATP, GAMS, MATLAB, Python etc. Our successful experience for more than a decade and expertise in tools make us confident to carryout various power system studies including but not limited to,

  Load flow, contingency, fault studies, dynamic stability, optimal power flow
  Grid compliance studies such as transient studies, power quality studies, LVRT, HVRT, ZVRT studies for existing generating stations and consumers.
  Grid integration studies for upcoming generating station such as coal powered station, wind generator, solar generator.
  Power system studies for new transmission line, substation or upgradation.
  CAPEX / OPEX optimization
  Optimal placement of reactors, capacitors, FACTS device, Energy Storage System in transmission and distribution grid.

Our in-house cloud based software for power system analysis is low cost and best suitable for steady state, dynamic and transient analysis.
Illustrative Experience (main 5 assignments):

  1. MSETCL PSS/E data migration
  2. MSETCL PSSE Training
  3. Essar – PSCAD

Owner’s Engineer

Panacean acts as an independent advocate for the owner of a power project. With a team of experienced engineers, and further resources Panacean is well placed to act as an advocate to ensure design and build quality, as well as project timelines are met. Panacean provides comprehensive due diligence services to investors of power projects. Our team of experts shall provide unbiased, reliable and confidential services are provided on behalf of banks, private equity firms and developers. Some key services that Panacean as an owner’s engineer can provide at project inception, and on an ongoing basis include:

  • Feasibility survey, resource assessment and energy yield prediction
  • Technical and Commercial project evaluation
  • Site design and engineering.
  • Plant performance assessment.
  • Technology assessments.
  • Civil and electrical design assessments.
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA).
  • Project Management: Tender management, appointment of contractor, supervision etc.
  • Suitability, availability and performance of solar project equipment, its manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Grid code compliance as per Central Electricity Authority (CEA) Regulations.
  • Audit of physical condition of asset.
  • EPC and O&M contracts review.
  • PPA review.
  • Operation and maintenance procedures.
  • Health and safety compliance.
  • Power quality audit including but not limited to measurement and analysis of harmonics, LVRT, HVRT, ZVRT, Infrared camera inspection etc. as per IEC and IEEE standards.
  • Root cause analysis of any failures or any under performance and corrective measures.


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