Scheduling and Optimization

Optimization can play multilateral role in solving real-life problems. Some of the our products addressing real-life problems are as follows,

Power Procurement Optimization

Conventional method of power scheduling is done by load despatch centre. Power generating stations availability, distribution companies’ power requisition and transmission constraints are considered for finalizing the schedule. In conventional way, variable cost of generating stations are considered for merit order dispatch of the generating stations. However, the method of variable cost based merit order is not suitable for distribution companies. Presently, the distribution company will have multiple options to buy power from such as central allocation, long-term/medium-term/short-term contracts, power exchange, real-time market etc. In this scenario, considering variable cost of generators for merit order preparation is not sufficient and will lead to erroneous decision making. Our scheduling software address the problem by modelling power purchase cost of each generator and optimizing overall power procurement cost for the distribution utility.

Vessel Schedule Optimization

In our latest product we are bringing vessel schedule optimization. This will ensure minimum waiting time in loading and unloading of items at port and will optimize delivery. The solution can be customized as per client requirements and site specifications.


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