Bhopal railways ‘light off’ plan to save electricity

At present, the total consumption of electricity at platform no-1 is around 600 units for 12 hours. “After implementing the plan, there would be a saving of around 3,600 units. Around 2,400 units will be used,” said railway officials
Bhopal railway station has implemented a system wherein 50 per cent bulbs and tube lights will turn off when there is no train at the station. Light will turn on when any train arrives at the platform. The concept has been commissioned for platform no-1, which will help railways save electricity up to 35 per cent to 40 per cent. DRM Bhopal Uday Borwanker said, “The sole objective was to save power. We have started it from platform no-1 from today. We will be doing it for other platforms in the near future”. Talking about the concept, Borwanker said, “Lights will be at 100 per cent of its capacity when the train receives a green signal to enter the station. Once the train leaves the platform, bulbs will go back to 50 per cent of their capacities”.

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