Power Innovations announces new record in use of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology

Delhi: Energy solutions provider Power Innovations announced it successfully powered a full data center server load, equivalent to one-fourth of a Megawatt (MW), for 48 continuous hours with Hydrogen Fuel Cells (HFC), doubling the previous mark of 24 hours set by the firm last year.
“This new benchmark demonstrates the emerging superiority of HFCs for widespread use not only in data centers, but anywhere organizations need zero-carbon, reliable, grid-free power,” Robert Mount, President and CEO of the Utah-based company, said.
Globally around 416 terawatts of electricity, roughly 3 per cent of all of the electricity produced on the planet, is required to power data centers around the world. Data center capacity doubles every three years and electricity consumption from data centers doubles every four years.
Power Innovation’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Innovation Lab set a new record for hydrogen-generated computer backup power by running four automotive fuel cells in parallel to generate more than 10,500 kWh of pollution-free electricity in 48 hours.
During the 48 hours, 815 kg of hydrogen was consumed and 10,560 kWh of electricity was produced, enough to provide electricity for an average American home for a year. The byproduct of the operation was 7,240 litre of pure water, enough to provide water for an average person for a month!
Hydrogen Fuel Cells offer multiple benefits over traditional UPS and diesel generator backup solutions. HFCs pack a traditional UPS and generator all in one unit – eliminating dual maintenance costs as well as floor space. HFCs are believed to be maintenance free, vibration free, silent, and can produce abundant, clean power for days.

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